Feb 08

Suggestion for NAD


President Scoggins & NAD Board,

Beautiful!! Well written letter!!!

Since AGBell had posted their public letter to PepsiCo at their website, they made quite contemning ASL users. Surely enough, they (AGBell & PepsiCo) heard a lot of comments from the ASL Community against their public letter to PepsiCo, AGBell suddenly removed their public letter from their website.

I wonder, will NAD going to write another letter, asking AGBell is going to retract their public letter to PepsiCo and the community publicly?

We need to make sure AGBell publicly retract their message to ASL community and everyone else (including PepsiCo) for their untruly actions toward ASL community.

We do not want AGBell just to remove their letter and did nothing afterwards. This action itself implies their (AGBells) intent still stand.

If we allow AGBell do nothing further after removing their public letter from their website, we are allowing AGBell win over us in this issue because they are actually pretending we are insignificant group of people. They are actually continuing to promote the negativeness attitude toward ASL. This issue with PepsiCo (the letter) still continues to linger in our community. The community will believe AGBell still stand on their ground regardless our responses to AGBell/PepsiCo.

So, I may suggest NAD to consider and draft another letter encouraging AGBell to write a retract letter to PepsiCo and the community.

Well written letter, and GREAT Vlog!!!

Respectfully submitted,

-Sean Gerlis


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  1. cuong aka buzz

    wow! true again. you sound like my lawyer! i am not kidding.

    you did make good point to where is “retract” letter?

    plus make sure agbell should not give pepsi a hint to join in agbell’s conference like bribe. who knows, agbell asks pepsi to come to agbell conference in order to apology in person then ask for $ fund. agbell is snake to play clever in evil way.


  2. Joey Baer

    Good suggestion! We should not let AGB get away with this but to expose the truth about them on how they view their own Deaf people.

  3. Sean

    Correction: The letter is found in a different page under their (AGBell.org) website, Newsroom. It can be found at this address: http://www.agbell.org/DesktopDefault.aspx?p=Media_Room

    The letter was placed on their (AGBell’s) main page, which they posted the letter in the first time. They moved the letter from the main page into newsroom page.

    However, my suggestion still stands.

    This was brought to my attention by an anonymous, thank you.

  4. Terri Watts

    Im not allow AGBell walk scouts-free all the way!

    Where is demand the apologize ?

  5. Phillip Easterling

    Yes that what I send the comment to President of NAD yesterday after watch her wonderful Vlogs. It need be done to send letter and resend other different letter to AGBell as well to Pepsi Co. Good Job NAD, it make me more motive for NAD now. Keep up.

  6. David Ennis

    Interesting suggestions – I am not sure if AGBAD is willing to retract their public letter to PepsiCo and to announce that AGBAD apologies for their 125 years of the Audistic practices against ASL communities. I don’t think so.

  7. Jean Boutcher

    I agree with you. Not only that but I also wish AGB to be gracious enough to admit to the public that hearing parents should learn sign language if they want their deaf children to be bilingual. Deaf children pick up English much faster their natural sign language. Many deaf children learn only less than 25 words in their vocabulary from their non-signing hearing parents while many deaf children of signing deaf parents have over 1,000 words in their vocabualry. I want AGB to write an article in one of the major newspapers like The New York Times, The Washington Post, and
    The Los Angeles Times. Or in a ‘Health” section of a news magazine
    like NEWSWEEK or TIME. The truth be told now.

  8. John Critser

    You made very sound points and AGBell needs to retract their letter to Pepsi Co., especially since Attorney Michael Schwartz, Esq’s letter to Pepsi Co reciting AGB’s eugenics movement that Hitler admired so much.

    Sean, you’re a proven leader already!

  9. JBaldridge

    What are you trying to prove? Have them apologize to the community doesn’t change as in my opinion. What we need to build more efficient organizations to gain influence through lobbying, marketing, and representatives for an organization. NAD has few workers with many delegates, which limits Nad’s movement and changes. Money, that’s another perpetual discussion.

    We can reveal AGBAD’s deficit thinking to world, still yet there are numerous of people practice and support AGBAD’s dream to “cure” deafness through technology, training, etc. Anyway I just wondering I don’t see any research with numbers, psychology reports, factual about children who don’t use ASL; are their communication ability, education level, intellectual simulation, personality analysis difference from those who using ASL at early age?

    Those research needs to spill out more visually, so we would be more educated and informed. I believe with strong unbiased reports would bring a tide on those industries for deceiving thousands, millions of people all over world.

  10. baby

    Great website!! Keep up the good work!!

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