Feb 07

Staying Calm in Crazed World




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  1. RRB

    I believe that one of my husband does drain with Technopoly internet computer war games . that how he found mate through war games technopoly through he think it bad ass cool . he forget who I am and I been sit watch tv and wait for him romance with me but he never do it and lost my heart now we re going divorce . very sad to know he addicted everything not go anywhere much I been begging him take me go out somewhere have a good time since our life are short time . he forget everything . That True I agree that what Guy say . Amen

  2. Eleanor

    It will be my first anniversary to celebrate in October when I gave up the TV cable. I passed my fourth anniversary in March without the computer at home. I have more time for sewomg and beading works beside biking and walking. My challenging garden mixing of veggies and flowers have kept me on my feet almost daily in the evening. My front yard is something that I could brag with men about how to keep the yard so green. I have two young cats to play with upon my arrival from my work office full of technology and they are joy in the morning instead of hitting the alarm clock out of the night table. Latest new, but challenging lesson: my water heater is broken, so I was curious how the colonial people kept themselves clean as well as doing the dishes by doing what they had to do. My awareness in water supply has been increased as I experienced water needs from the big pot for two weeks, but yet I depended on the electric stove to heat it. Well, with the cold days coming, I will soon call for the new water heater. It was fun while it lasted! So GO for GREEN more and more at our “home sweet home” place!

  3. Jack



    I remember all those old days and understand what you were trying to tell us.

    Thank you for bringing to our attentions. Continue spreading words among families and friends.

    Thank you, Sean!!

  4. Suj


    Agreed and well spoken! We should do control our eco-friendly balance lifestyle on technology.

    I recall my deaf parents always take me to deaf clubs and I did what you went through. Thanks for sharing this with us and hope that this vblog brings us to understand what life is now.

    Continue to do eco-friendly balance on lifesytle and less – technology among families and friends!

  5. Suz

    You are damn right — what is happening to deaf clubs/communities! I do miss it alot because I used to be involved as officers of several deaf clubs and now, with the technology of using AIM, emails and VP do make them staying home more which I do miss is “face to face” or “hugging one another” — now, very concerning that lot of deaf schools will be closed and kids be going to “mainstreaming” and they will miss the family like at schools with their friends. Now, for example, what is happening to EADB/EWDBA bowling tournaments, heard it is going down and it is only a once a year thing. Thanks to Sorenson for starting its technology of VP for deaf/hard of hearings. Each state used to have many deaf clubs but now, seems like 2 or less still alive — so SAD!
    Noticing now, that deaf people prefer visiting friends’ homes rather than in deaf clubs (more likely family, this way). Now, the students are learning ASL at colleges/universities and hearing about “deaf culture” and what will happen 5 to 10 years from now, will there be “deaf culture”, please DON’T give up!!

    We are missing “deaf leaders” and we know there are so many deafies living in each state, “where are they?”

    Sean, keep up with your good work on your blogs.

  6. Brian Buckley

    Hi Everyone and including Sean,

    Sound scary yeah, but look at the bright side, we still have BDHH(Baltimore Deaf Happy Hour) and CBADO (Chespeak Bay Asst for the Deaf), And other events with socially with Deaf and Hard of Hearing people.
    Speaking of pager, if someone try to look at the pager in the middle of conversation, tell him/her is that important than us unless it is emergency. You need to teach them pager come last unless emergency. They can glance it who it was for a few second is fine and continue the conservation.
    Speaking of VP, VP is great for all Deaf and Hard of Hearing to communiciate with other Deaf or Hard of Hearing. Also, great way to communicate with your Hearing Familes while you have free Interpreter on 3 way communicate. Even if you are in business, it is great way to have VP communicate with your bosses, co-workers, other among of Working class in VP.
    is Technologies Controlling our lives? Well, that depends on person who has become mind warp or obession with these Technologies. For example, I live alone and I have no one but one friend I have and I dont have car to travel, I am always depending on my mom for shopping and others thing I need to get. I have to relied on VP, computer, IM, Aim. to keep in touch with someone if I am boring, I need chatting to make me feel better. I dont use VP that often. ONly if I need to make a call like my lawyer, my mom and my oldest brother and especially my older brother have no contact with me due his water money problem. I used this computer to keep me busy like going to pogo club games, internet search web site. The fact is, I am not mind warp or obession with this technologies, but I am Technologies freak because it helps us all Deaf and Hard of Hearing to have that Technologies to help get jobs, communicatation, friends, BF, GF, and all that.
    Speaking of Job of Technologies, Job are hard to come by because of my deafness. Of course, I was hired and told me I cannot do that and this and that and this and here and there. I quitted. it is not worth it to stay job where you feel very limit to grow my skilled, but without growing skilled then, I am nowhere near that as careers. I have know some Deaf and Hard of Hearing tend to stay the job without growing their skilled. It is very important that Deaf and Hard of Hearing have the right to learn as much as in this business is to grow knowledge and growing skilled. if you stay the same and not learn about how business run then, you might not get much rasied pay. I dont like to stay too long with same position job. I like to learn what business have for me. No Matter how big or how small business that provide for Deaf and Hard of Hearing to be an indenpency without barrier or limited. This Technologies open to all of us to grow our skilled and Knowledge.
    As for Sean, in your final Vlog… Well, Dont give up your Vlog, you have common sense between the technologies and taking care of your family. Keep it balance and dont let the technologies control you and like me I dont let my technologies control over my life. Email takes forever. If you are familar with junk email, you need to remove the junk email by clicking opt out or unsubcribes on the bottem and typed it your email to be removed or click it. I have been getting junk email that I didnt sign up. I had to click opt out or unsubcribes. I learned the hard way by doing this and it became easier. Especially, if your friends send you alot of youtube, deaf vlogs, or chain letter email. That hurt alot and it consumes your time to check email. you can ask your friends not to send your email any more of those chains junk email. that will cut your email down alot. I do the same to strange friends who send me chains junk email and I asked them not to send me any chain junk email. UNless something new with deaf web site to check it out. Also, to write you a letter or asking would be great. it is better than Chain Junk emails.
    Well, you did great job on Vlog, Like I said, dont give up. Good luck and take care. Good nite american from Brian Buckley

  7. Jan Simon

    That was very good! I enjoyed it tremendously. Yes, he is right. I miss the older days where all the deaf got together and enjoyed each other. And at the same point; I enjoyed the VP where I can’t be with my old deaf friends in other states. So, there is a balance. You should be in control not technology controlling you. God bless! Jan Simon

  8. Stewie

    Praise! Praise! Praise! Why do I praise you? You are my son. I am proud of you.



  9. Anne Maldonado

    Where are the deafies go STARBUCKS to chat UGH

  10. B-

    your vlog statements were very insiteful and sensitive to our plight and responsibilities as people of the 21st century. we DO have to take steps back to a ‘simpler time’ when we weren’t so rushed and stressed, when we had time and took time for family and friends. technology has greatly added to our stress and need for immediate results, but it’s up to us to put on the brakes and make time for family, friends and our community as a whole. kudos to you, Sean, for the reminder. and your son is a very lucky person!

  11. Carole

    If u have watch tv show “17 kids and counting” but now it is 18 kids and counting. I am sure you have notice they do not have any technology.
    they are happy and health family and they care for other and help each other too.


  12. Dorothy Rogers

    Hi my name is Dorothy oh wow!!! I’m so glad that my friend send it to me and YOU ARE RIGHT about the techinal (sorry the spelling) so yes I DO MISS my friends alot they really into it and I notice you that while during conversation then look at blackberry that’s TRUTH!!!! need to be in touch once awhile then stuck at home and find a way to do something oh wow you did a good job to explain thanks to you good work really impress oh wow..very very good and I AGREE 100%!!! Thanks

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