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Feb 21

New York State’s “4201” Schools at RISK!

In past couple weeks, I’ve spent so much of my time, energy, & effort to fight against our Governor Andrew Cuomo’s latest budget proposal. In his proposal, he’s asking us to abandon 193 years old law and relinquish sanction in schools of Deaf, Blind, and Physically Handicapped over to local school districts. More information can be …

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May 07

It’s not too late.


Mar 23

If I could do this, so you can too!

[7:33] Fighting for H.R. 3101 battle, come and join to win this battle!

Feb 13

Bashing NAD – Good Idea?


Jan 07

Deaf PhDs?

Deaf PhDs?

[3:57] Recently, I attended a party. I was in a room filled with Deaf Ph.Ds, it was awkward feeling but at the same time; it was thrilling experience. It is amazing to see how much Deaf members of the community evolved in last 30 years. I wonder will they (Deaf PhDs) ever put a good …

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Sep 06

Aguabo / FDA: CI Stats – Dropout rates?

Sep 01

Internet Captioning & HR. 3101 Please, I implore you – contact your Councilmen, Councilwomen, Mayor, Governor, Congressman, & Senators and urge them to support HR.3101 bill It’s our future, please spread this to everyone!

Aug 10

Free membership? No such a thing!

Mar 23

They did it, why can’t we do the same??

Yo yo yo!!!  I can’t do the vlog this time. I’ll shoot the blog part here now. I was surfing thru the net, reading articles about Democrat’s competition for the primaries. I came to this article from Los Angeles times, “Talking about race: Um, you first” written By Stephanie Simon and Richard Fausset, Los Angeles …

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Feb 08

Suggestion for NAD

  President Scoggins & NAD Board, Beautiful!! Well written letter!!! Since AGBell had posted their public letter to PepsiCo at their website, they made quite contemning ASL users. Surely enough, they (AGBell & PepsiCo) heard a lot of comments from the ASL Community against their public letter to PepsiCo, AGBell suddenly removed their public letter …

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