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Jul 24

Happy Anniversary ADA!

On my grandfather Abraham’s deathbed, he told me that I was lucky to have access to multiple kinds of modern technology. He envied me for having the ability to communicate with the Deaf and hearing using videophone technology. During most of his life, Abraham’s only ability to communicate with the hearing world was through crude …

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Jun 14

Are you going to be a good fit to our team?

Talks about application process that includes character assessment in it. (captioned, can be enabled on desktop or smart phone by clicking “cc” button in your video playhead (where the cursor is) ) [3:27]

May 30

Musing about Deaf Disempowerment and Today’s Interpreters

Musing about Deaf Disempowerment and Today's Interpreters

Published on May 23, 2013 Today’s interpreters (ASL) and their practices within our community. Captioned [9:27]

Jun 01

Community within community

Closed Captioned (Correction: My math is definitely off – 10,000 pennies not 10 million and 1% instead of 10 population. Pardon me. 😉 ) [2:25]

Apr 01

ASL and English = Champ Languages!

[Duration: 2:43]

Mar 24

4201 Budget Crisis – Update

8 more days left before Governor Cuomo decides the budget plan for New York State which may include some budget cuts toward to 4201 Schools. See how you can help… Transcript — Some updates about 4201 budget crisis – In nutshell, many of us have sent letters, made calls, and attended rally to address the …

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Mar 16

Report on the Amended State Fiscal Year 2011-12 Executive Budget

Below is the link where our Senate has made their revisions in Governor Cuomo’s latest Budget which also addresses 4201 budget issue. Link: 2011 Revised Budget from Senate Page 11 – Aid To Localities (S.2803-C) – 6th Bullet – “The Senate denies the Executives cost shift to local districts for the Blind and Deaf 4201 …

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Mar 16


Below is the link where our Assembly has made their own proposal in modification of Governor Cuomo’s latest Budget which also addresses 4201 budget issue. Link: 2011 Assembly Proposed Budget Page 9 – right column ( near bottom of page) – “Schools for the Blind and Deaf (4201 Schools) 90,800,000″ Page 45 – Aid to …

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Feb 25

What’s “4201 Schools”?

vlog about 4201 schools. What is New York State Governor Cuomo suggesting in his budgetary proposal that impacts on 4201 schools? (Video is captioned.) [6:44]

Feb 23

Radio Panel discussion with “That Keith Wann Show” about 4201 schools

Transcript as below: >> In its quest to provide an open forum for discussion of controversial issues, this station allows hosts and their guests to express themselves without any significant censorship. You are advised that any view expressed by the hosts or their guests are not necessarily the views of the owners or management of …

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