Feb 13

Bashing NAD – Good Idea?



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  1. Brian Morace

    I see your point…
    Your right… WE, not only you, shall help to each other…
    Ok i think it’s my duty to help NAD out!!!

  2. SweetMind

    I have had been saying this few years ago as no one listen as far as I can see: It s our CIVIL RIGHTS to have our natural true visual language that is the end of discussion.. Why are you waiting for their approvals? This is when it s more conflict interest about between ADA/ Constitution Rights and Deaf human beings One thing ADA and these Constitution Rights do not apply Deaf people in many ways as you know it already. So why continue the conflict issues?. Thats the whole issues that we are battling our ASL education, jobs, and many others for years and years that has not changed yet. Thank you!


  3. SweetMind

    So therefore, we have the rights to have our Deaf American Civil Rights to make the action now. Dont wait too long that I have had been living in this Mother Nature world. It s getting tiresome to be continue to have Hearing Supremacy”s control over our lives that needs to be stopped now.

    NO more damage our Deaf children’s right to be protected all the way. It needs to be done now. They are holding us down and still conform us into a Hearing Shadow that failed us for so many years. It s evidence on our table already that many people are still ignored the severe issues that has been carried on all those years. It did not change yet that is my pet peeves to have someone who think they have the right to take over our boundary line of being deaf with all kind of child abuses. Sighs!
    Thank you! :)

  4. Deaf John J

    It’s not necessarily a “good idea” to bash other people. Their errors and false beliefs may have need to be pointed out. Bashing hearies is just what many have been doing to us for years.

    It is out CIVIL RIGHT to be who and what we are. No one else ever had or has now a right to make us into what THEY want. If we are visual people then that is reality. The conflicting issues come from conflicting beliefs that THEY may have – they may believe they have a right to make us into something else. If THEY have a right to make us into what THEY want then do WE have a right to make THEM into what WE want? I would like to make them into educated and understanding people who realize that D/deaf are and will always be D/deaf! No problem!

    Deaf children have a right to be themselves. Their world and their future is something we can only guess at. So why then do some people want to insert prejudice into an innocent deafie child or baby?

  5. Jean Boutcher

    The U.S. Constitution’s famous “WE, THE PEOPLE,”
    shows that the NAD should be in sync with deaf Americans in that deaf Americans are “We the People” themselves. Sans deaf Americans, NAD would not have been there — or needed, for that matter.

  6. katie

    When person attack NAD many times, people see that person’s vendetta against NAD. A personal bias is evident.

  7. Jerry

    What you have said is spot on BUT missed out one problem that is usage of language in the letter template as it use word like disabled or disability that offend us because we value ASL Deafhood and at one stroke of pen NAD use this word make me feel cut off and lumped with others disrespect culture and heritage from Verditz onwards. That is a BIG mistake and I hope you point out to NAD that is constructive criticism and ask NEVER use it language and words again please?

  8. Toby Wyler


    I have to disagree with your assessment. It is a public organization, therefore, allowing itself vulnerable to all sorts of opinions.

  9. Sean

    All – Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I appreciate this.

    RE: Anonymous comment posts, I realize most of you meant well – Since it’s my personal belief, all posts (regardless which side author is on) will be posted. Otherwise, I cannot post any anonymous posts due to credibility.

    I have a burning question – who is Toby Wyler??? 😉

  10. Toby Wyler

    We’re waiting for your next blog entry – so, hurry up!

  11. Williamzew

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