Sep 06

Aguabo / FDA: CI Stats – Dropout rates?


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  1. Dennis


    I watch all deafvideo.tv for a couple years. Someday I will join when I get a better computer. Mine too old. Anyway, I research a lot on many subjects. I am attracted to CI subject for a while. I watch a whole of yours and others. I hope that you might share this link if it might apply to your “Dropout rate” or “Failure Rate”. I believe that nowaday they have not completed the information required by Department of Health and Human Services per a warning letter (since 2007). You will read and find why clinic trail was not monitored properly. I suspect that CI decline to release a whole truth information about devices flawing. Who knows! Here is a link:



  2. Paul Kiel

    Hello Sean:

    You do have a valid point! I will not be surprised that the dropout rate will be HIGHER! As per its’ low success rate it means plenty had dropped out. I have seen plenty.

  3. debby

    very interesting…good to bring it up, sounds like ‘they” need to change by “rehiring” participants to keep same numbers to research, not from 100 to 50.

  4. Robert Alfred Hawkins

    As one who’s Deaf and a native user of ASL I acknowledge the issues. CI are proven as highly effective for some but not for some. Documentations from either side coupled with various independently verified demonstrations cannot be disputed.

    One thing many people, including Paul J. Kiel, have to acknowledge is the new advance of Stem Cell procedures–especially those not involving the embryo.

    This kind of advance is far from invasive compared to that of CI. This will wipe out this decades old technological-linguistic spat that dragged on nearly a decade too long since former President Bush vetoed far numerous Stem Cell related bills early in the 21st century.

    It has been recorded in the United Kingdom (UK) that a 10-week old deaf infant underwent a Stem Cell procedure. Word is that the infant became able to hear. I misplaced documentation on this case but hope to locate it in the near future. One consideration: cost is really so low.

    Many of the Deaf community rallied behind President Obama who wholeheartedly endorses Stem Cell procedures which already garnered bipartisan support. You must not forget this.

    This is why I think divisive stances on CI taken within the Deaf-ASL community as well as other communities will be rendered moot. I understand the urgency to take on the present issue (before Stem Cell procedures become widespread) but this is another consideration to stay ahead of the curve while fighting now for what you believe human beings are entitled.

    This means in the age of Stem Cell procedures becoming widespread there won’t be any arguments about the CI being too invasive (old argument still raging on) or mechanical to point discerning voices and talking orally isn’t feasible.

    The ASL-Deaf will need to fight on strictly their own merits meaning they must provide in name of transparency the following: proof that ASL/Bilingualism works across spectrums of the population of deaf children (i.e. avoiding limiting to white, Deaf of Deaf and favorable.) Deaf schools required by new law to submit for public viewing: test and other achievements.

    There’s so many that needs to be done. Nothing of this is possible if the mainstream deaf are treated like second-class citizen in venues where socializing is a premium.

    Disenfranchisement on part of mainstream deaf and even “grass-root” Deaf is a big problem!

    The ASL-CI and non-deaf proponents of anything that’s not Deaf-ASL-Bilingualism are long exposing the general public about Deaf communities many problems such as favoritism, cronyism, nepotism and many more concerns.

  5. jeff

    I am sorry that I do not understand this man on the video clip because he repeated a lot. His signs are very sloppy.

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