Mar 24

4201 Budget Crisis – Update

8 more days left before Governor Cuomo decides the budget plan for New York State which may include some budget cuts toward to 4201 Schools. See how you can help…

Transcript —

Some updates about 4201 budget crisis –

In nutshell, many of us have sent letters, made calls, and attended rally to address the budgetary proposal made by Governor Cuomo which includes budget cuts toward to 4201 schools.

During this deliberate process, both parties (Senate and Assembly) have sent their version of budget proposal to Governor Cuomo’s office. The Senate has recommended keeping budget for 4201 intact with a total of 98 million dollars while the Assembly also has recommended restoring budget for 4201 schools with a total of 90 million (approx 8 million less than originally proposed.) dollars.

The Governor’s office will reassess both proposals and determine the next course of action. The office will either determine whether the proposals from Legislators deem acceptable or not.

Some of you may be aware of Governor Cuomo’s position on his budgetary proposal. He’s determined to cut approximately 10 billion dollars of State budget. He appears to be standing on his feet determined to see this to happen. It’s clearly understood that he wish to maintain state-wide unity and tries to deliver his promise to save 10 billion dollars for following year. His office will need to figure how they can make some cuts.

Meanwhile, you may be wondering what we are doing right now? How can you contribute in this effort? Just keep continuing to make every effort to contact Governor Cuomo’s office and inform them we are here to protect the funding for 4201 schools. The Governor should not impose any budgetary cuts toward 4201 schools. You could make several (many, this would be better) calls to Governor’s office and address your concern, write emails and letters to them.

Try to be persisting about this, to remind him that we must not allow him cut any budgets toward to 4201 schools.

As you may know, April 1st is the target date for ratifying proposed budget by Governor’s office. Either Governor Cuomo accept the combined (or diluted) proposed budget by legislators into law, or may face government shut down which is not going to be pleasant for everyone in New York State.

Please be persist in reaching Governor Cuomo’s office and show your support in keeping funding for 4201 schools intact.

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